About the Automotive Executives Association

The Automotive Executives Association (AEA) is an exclusive group that facilitates networking amongst members, provides unique resources to help member productivity and efficiency, and fosters awareness related to industry news and press. The AEA includes key decision makers in the automotive industry from a variety of companies.

Launched in June 2013, the AEA was developed with an initial group of 16 Founding Members and associated Founding Sponsors, facilitated by the AEA Founder and Executive Director, Steve Moretti.

Based on recommendations of the Founding Members, over 100 specific senior executives throughout the automotive industry were invited to become members of AEA, immediately creating one of the most influential and exclusive group of individuals within the automotive industry.

Our association is open to qualifying executives from any type of organization that does business in/with the automotive industry including those companies that fall into classifications such as: Advertising, Agency, Affinity/Membership, Analytics/Data/Information, Auction, Consulting, Dealer, Energy, Enthusiast/Sports, Financial, Insurance, Manufacturer, Media/Publisher, Parts/Materials, Technology, Transportation, Tourism & Travel.

The Automotive Executives Association is the “Who’s Who” of the automotive industry. Our members are the influencers, decision makers, and deal makers.