Membership Benefits

Benefits for all Member Levels

Member Profile Page: Your publicly accessible Member profile includes key information regarding your skills, expertise, and automotive life cycle experience. Customize your profile with your own personal biography to help your fellow Members and site visitors understand your background.

Membership Identification & Icon License: Promote your status in the Automotive Executives Association by sharing links to your Profile Page (i.e. email signature, LinkedIn profile), and an annual license to the current membership year "Automotive Executives Association | Member" icon.

Member Directory: Get unique insight and prospect existing/new business opportunities by searching the AEA Member Directory. Increase productivity by identifying top decision makers that are fellow Members. *Please note the Automotive Executives Association Member Directory displays key information regarding our Members such as current company, title, and expertise. AEA does not share any Member's personal or business contact information with other Members.

Industry Company Directory: Search through our database of companies that have an active member in the AEA, and identify fellow members. Filter companies by type, access primary contact information, and locate their headquarters.

AEA "Top News" Email Newsletter: Receive a clear and concise roundup of the top news related to the automotive industry every week. Email newsletter includes direct links to the news source and organizes content based on a number of categories: AEA Member News, Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale, Ownership, Enthusiast, and Servicing.

PR Distribution: As a AEA Member, share your companies important news with the rest of the Association via the Top News Email Newsletter. A small fee and specific conditions apply.

"Senior Executive" Level Member Specific Benefits

Introduction Service: Request an introduction to a fellow AEA Member to start the conversation on a new potential business opportunity. The Introduction Service allows a AEA Member (the "Requesting Member") to request an introduction (a "Introduction Request") to a fellow Member (the "Contacted Member"), for clear and appropriate business purposes, via the Introduction Service Request Form >>. The Requesting Member must be in good standing, must have been a Member for at least 3 months, and is allowed a maximum of 1 Introduction Request per quarter. AEA guarantees the Contacted Member will receive the Introduction Request. The Contacted Member, at their sole discretion, may/may not respond to the associated Introduction Request.

"Members Only" Networking Receptions: Join the "Who's Who" of the automotive industry twice a year during our strategically planned and scheduled events. No additional fees, Members only, no guests, RSVP required, and no sponsor presentations. These events are focused on providing our Senior Executive Members the opportunity to connect with existing colleagues and meet fellow senior executives. Events are held during (i) the evening of the 1st night of the NADA Convention in the applicable NADA host city, and (ii) the evening of a selected day in mid October in Las Vegas (during the week of multiple industry conferences focused on finance, dealers, OEMs, and marketing).