Executive Level AEA Membership

Please note, currently “Executive” level membership is only available to individuals Invited to join the Automotive Executives Association.

To qualify for “Executive” level membership, an individual must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1. A minimum of 7 years experience working in the automotive industry, consistently maintaining a title similar to those examples below.
  2. Management of a department within an organization directly associated with the automotive industry.
  3. Consistent responsibility for the representation of their organization: (i) at automotive industry events and/or (ii) to the general public.
  4. The member’s company/employer organization must be an established and well known entity within the automotive industry as approved by all current members of the AEA Board - Membership Committee.
  5. The member’s Membership application is approved by all current members of the AEA Board - Membership Committee.

Examples of "Executive" member titles typically include: SVP, VP, Senior Director, or Director.

Examples of member departments typically include: Management, Strategy, Operations, Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Partnerships, Product, Technology, Public Relations, or Industry Relations

The Automotive Executives Association is the “Who’s Who” of the automotive industry. Our members are the influencers, decision makers, and deal makers.

The Automotive Executives Association is a private organization, and is owned and operated by Condurre, Inc. AEA reserves the right to terminate any specific individual’s membership in the AEA at any time, for any reason. Any active members may file a complaint with the AEA if the member feels as though another member is inappropriately using the member benefits of the AEA in an inappropriate, unprofessional, or unethical manner. Multiple complaints filed regarding an individual member may result in the suspension, termination, and/or ban of an individual from AEA membership.

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