Top Automotive Industry News for Week of May 27 - June 2, 2019

Here is the most important news associated with the automotive industry identified by the AEA for the week of May 27, 2019 - June 2, 2019.

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-Automotive Manufacturing News-

'Negotiations over tariffs have started': Mexico's foreign minister (Reuters)

2 new cars unveiled by Cadillac, which sees demand for luxury sedans (Detroit Free Press)

Bosch Agrees to Fines for Role in Dieselgate (The Detroit Bureau)

Chevy revives Trailblazer as 2021 small crossover (Automotive News)

Detroit carmakers stand to lose billions under new Mexico tariffs (The Detroit News)

Ferrari goes electric with its most powerful street-legal car ever: the SF90 Stradale (CNBC)

Fiat Chrysler seeks 50-50 merger with Renault, whose board will study deal 'with interest' (USA Today)

Ford recycles 1.2 billion plastic bottles a year for auto parts (CNBC)

GM to invest $24 million to expand Indiana truck plant (MarketWatch)

GM would be hit hardest if Trump imposes tariffs on Mexico (Detroit Free Press)

Here’s how a Fiat Chrysler-Renault merger could spark some mega auto deals (CNBC)

Merger with Renault has potential to make Fiat Chrysler a heavyweight (Detroit Free Press)

More Electric Cars Mean Fewer Mechanical Jobs (Forbes)

Musk Cheers as Tesla Closes in on Production Record (The Detroit Bureau)

Putting the Jigsaw Together: Who’ll Run the Show at Merged FCA-Renault? (The Detroit Bureau)

Renault board to review FCA merger move on Tuesday (Reuters)

Take a look at the most expensive SUV in the world: the $1.9 million Karlmann King (CNBC)

Tesla opens orders for made-in-China Model 3, lowers price (The Detroit News)

Trump's Mexico tariffs could cost Detroit automakers billions (USA Today)

Trump’s Mexico tariff threat hammers GM, Fiat Chrysler, will raise US auto prices (CNBC)

-Automotive Evolution News-

Data Security For Autonomous Vehicles Can And Should Be Treated With Respect (Forbes)

Essential Stats For Justifying And Comparing Self-Driving Cars To Humans At The Wheel (Forbes)

Self-Driving Cars Likely To Cause A Spike In Motion Sickness But Volkswagen Is Working On A Cure (Forbes)

Self-Driving In Sin City: Lyft and Aptiv Notch 50,000 Robo-Taxi Rides In Las Vegas Program (Forbes)

-Automotive Retail News-

Asbury and Group 1 keep close tabs on used inventories (Auto Remarketing)

AutoNation focuses on margins and F&I; Lithia eyes more dealerships — both to enhance digital (Auto Remarketing)

Crowded Car Lots Spur Discounts, But Auto Sales Keep Slipping (Bloomberg)

It's True! Women Really Do Shop More ... for Cars (Forbes)

Move Over, Boomer Car Buyers (Wards Auto)

Transforming auto dealer services for the subscription economy (Auto Remarketing)

TrueCar’s ALG Forecasts New Auto Sales to Continue Modest Softening Amidst Rising Transaction Prices and Declining Incentives (Globe Newswire)

U.S. auto sales seen slipping 2.1% in May: J.D. Power, LMC Automotive (Reuters)

-Automotive Wholesale News-

J.D. Power's inaugural Residual Value All-Stars: Luxury vehicles (Auto Remarketing)

Lane action slows with dealers eyeing holiday retail activities (Auto Remarketing)

Luxury Values Continue to Struggle Amid Stable Market (Vehicle Remarketing)

Manheim Express Gets 3 Enhancements (Auto Dealer Today)

-Automotive Servicing News-

LivePerson Automotive Announces Service Repair Payment Integration With DigniFi (PR Newswire)

US agency probes effectiveness of 2014 GM seat belt recall (Detroit Free Press)

-General Business & Executive News-

'The pain is just beginning': After 38,000 layoffs, Wall Street wakes up to 'peak car' (Business Insider)

Top 20 used-car lenders among franchised dealers (Auto Remarketing)

U.S. economic growth in the first quarter revised down slightly to 3.1 percent (BankRate)

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