AEA Member Resources

Membership Logo: Reinforce your experience and standing in the automotive industry by promoting your membership in the Automotive Executives Association. Use the official AEA Member Logo and share links to your Profile Page (i.e. via your email signature, LinkedIn profile).

AEA Reports: By aggregating and centralizing some of the most important data points and information in the industry, the AEA Reports useful reference documents that help our Members understand key trends and opportunities in the industry. The annual "AEA Report: Automotive Industry Facts" provides a visual presentation of key statistics and trends associated within and impacting the industry.

PR Distribution: As a AEA Member, share your companies important news with the rest of the Association via the Top News Email Newsletter. A small fee and specific conditions apply.

Introduction Service: Request an introduction to a fellow AEA Member to start the conversation on a new potential business opportunity. The Introduction Service allows a AEA Member (the "Requesting Member") to request an introduction (a "Introduction Request") to a fellow Member (the "Contacted Member"), for clear and appropriate business purposes, via the Introduction Service Request Form >>. The Requesting Member must be in good standing, must have been a Member for at least 3 months, and is allowed a maximum of 1 Introduction Request per quarter. AEA guarantees the Contacted Member will receive the Introduction Request. The Contacted Member, at their sole discretion, may/may not respond to the associated Introduction Request.